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Get Connected With the Right Medical Billing Service

Outsource medical billing services can be beneficial for medical practices, as the billing companies have better control over the Revenue Cycle processes & are aware of any changes to the regulations and how that may impact the practice. Outsourcing provides operational benefits, increased control, quick resubmission of claims, and faster payment collections.

Find Your Best Match

It goes without saying that inefficient billing policies and management lead to the pitfall of a company, irrespective of its industry or domain. The same is the case in a medical practice where nothing causes revenue disruption more than billing errors caused by authorization blunders, duplicate billing, mismanaged patient information, etc. Choosing the Right Medical Billing Company to outsource ensures specific quality standards that prevent costly missteps and increase revenue by streamlining workflow. The most important task for the Medical billing team is to get faster reimbursements to Optimize the Payment Cycle.

You don’t need to spend valuable time drudging through pages of billing companies to find what works for you. We at PhysicianRCM, have a team of professionals handling your entire billing operations, from claim creation, submission, AR/follow-up, denial management & appeals, payment posting & reporting on various billing software for multiple specialties. We believe that precise eligibility verification directly impacts the reimbursements, minimizes the Denials / Rejections, help to submit clean claims & to increase upfront collections.

Professionals That Adapt to Your Workflow

In the changing environment of Healthcare regulations & technology, the Practices need an innovative partner for Medical billing Services who can help in improving clinical & financial workflows, increasing Profitability, & reducing practice operational expenses. We are the trusted HIPAA-Compliant Company & provide Medical Billing services to healthcare providers of all sizes across the United States. We Help Healthcare Providers to Improve Workflow, Optimize Payment Cycles, Increase Profitability, and to Minimize Denials. We have a simplified & transparent RCM process that you can trust.

Our Key Points

  • 100% HIPAA complaint
  • No Setup Fee
  • Month-to-Month Contracts
  • Comprehensive RCM Services
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Customized Reporting
  • Dedicated Practice Executives
  • Efficient Communication & Compliance

Our dedicated staff ensures clean claims submission to be paid through the first submission for faster reimbursement & minimum denials/rejections. We are always available via email / Call for your help. Claim Creation is one of the key areas of the Revenue Cycle & we have excellent skills in handling Charge Entry & Claims Submission on various billing software for multiple specialties.

Payment Posting is one of the most vital steps in the RCM process & precise posting represents overall billing proficiency and sorts out reasons for low influxes if any. Our experts track every unpaid claim to rectify denials & get faster reimbursements. We believe that minimizing denials boosts your Practice’s profitability & Cash flow.

Accounts Receivable directly impact the cash flow, therefore, we design internal controls to manage AR follow-up and put them in place to recover the funds. We believe that precise eligibility verification directly impacts the reimbursements, minimizes the Denials / Rejections, help to submit clean claims & to increase upfront collections.

We facilitate when you are starting a new practice, changing from one Practice to another, adding New Physician to an existing Group, or enrolling with New Payer. We print the patient statements on a regular basis or as per the Practice requests using PM / EMR systems or e-Statement Service to ensure quicker payments. Custom Reporting allows you to compare billing & collection performance trends in a more effective way. These reports include Charges, Payments, A/R Follow up & Denials.

PhysicianRCM dedicated staff is committed to Deliver Quality service to all clients, regardless of practice size, specialty, or collection & our process includes a vigilant analysis of your practice’s Clinical & Cash Flows. We provide a time-bound solution & support your Practice growth to new heights. Our dedicated professionals are available to provide you with comprehensive medical billing services & we serve as an extension of your practice office & help to improve the productivity of your administrative / back-office support functions to increase profitability.

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